About this therapy:

Counselling at Body Matters offers confidential support and advice for issues such as:

  • needing to please others at the expense of yourself
  • internal anger, saying yes when unable to say no
  • feeling misunderstood in relationships and communication breakdown
  • fear or pain without obvious cause
  • self-defeating behaviours, either physical or emotional
  • lack of confidence
  • feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • disappointing or distressing life experiences
  • overwhelming life-changing events
  • corrosive emotions of guilt or resentment
  • negative thoughts

Explore new pathways, create bridges of understanding and develop new coping strategies – gain confidence, get to know yourself, increase self-worth and move beyond your limitations.

Counselling is a wonderful tool which offers an opportunity to uncover your own unique personal resources in a safe and supportive environment.


Please contact us for details and prices.